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1 day ago
A bucket of zal fried chicken

Remove Meaningless Words From Product Descriptions

Products seem more expensive (yet worse in quality) when described with unfamiliar words.

1 day ago
Ad for luxury watch in which the model is spaced apart looking away

Add Spatial Distance to Luxury Products

Luxury products are more desirable when they are located further away from people.

1 day ago
A blender in a kitchen, and the photo is less vibrant

Reduce the Color Saturation of Luxury Brands

If you want something to seem luxurious, use grayscale colors.

1 day ago
Photos of a blender being shown across a spectrum of styles starting from a minimal white background, then a minimal kitchen background, followed by a women using the blender in a realistic setting. This contextual image is most persuasive for female customers.

Show Contextual Images to Female Customers

Women prefer realistic settings. Men prefer solid plain backgrounds.

1 day ago
Review that says "It's damn fun"

Reviews With Swears Are More Persuasive

Profanity communicates stronger feelings about products.