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Newest Tactics

3 days ago
Bowl of apples on a public table with sign that says "Free - people are eating more fruit"

Mention the Growing Popularity of a Behavior

People are more likely to comply with a request if they believe this behavior is growing in popularity.

6 days ago
A product assortment of shirts by themselves, and a product page of a shirt with a model wearing it.

Show an Isolated Product Before Contextual Imagery

Isolated images perform better in early buying stages, while contextual images perform better in later buying stages.

14 days ago
The words "sunscreen prevents cancer" with cancer being pushed further away from sunscreen

Push Negative Words Further Away

Products inherit the associations of nearby words.

21 days ago
A survey with a qualification "must be intelligent"

Require Favorable Traits to Qualify for Compliance

People are more likely to comply if their behavior will validate a positive trait.

28 days ago
Emotions with certainty (e.g., anger, pride, confidence) grab attention, while emotions with uncertainty (e.g., anxiety, hope, surprise) sustain attention

Certainty Grabs Attention, While Uncertainty Sustains It

People are engaged when they feel uncertain because they want to resolve this feeling.