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The Psychology of

How to choose the right size, shape, and material of your product’s packaging.


Beer bottle seems larger than beer can

Tall Packages Seem Larger

Customers use height to estimate sizes.

Tall makeup bottle seems more healthy and luxurious than short wide bottle

Tall Packages Seem Healthy and Luxurious

Tall packages seem healthy because they remind customers of a tall and slender person

Short and wide milk carton seems heavier than tall and skinny milk carton

Wide Packages Seem Heavier

Heavy objects are stable, so customers erroneously believe the reverse: Stable objects are heavier.

Smaller can seems more intense than larger can

Small Packages Seem Dense and Powerful

Customers falsely believe that these ingredients have been merged into a denser format.


Round package seems feminine

Round Packages Seem Sweet and Feminine

Angularity seems masculine, while roundness seems feminine because of evolutionary roots (e.g., female bodies are more curved).

Decorative hole of packaging crossed out to signify not to do that

Maintain the Full Shape of Your Package

Any missing section makes a package seem smaller and less desirable.

Transparent hole of packaging where pasta is visible

Transparent Windows Convey Freshness

This food feels closer to the environment outside the confines of the package.


Removed packaging from vegetables

Remove Packaging From Fresh Products

An unbagged assortment of carrots will seem fresher than a bag of carrots.

Matter package of chips seems healthier than glossy package

Matte Packages Seem Healthy

Food in a glossy package seems fattier.

Rough textured bag seems masculine

Rough Textures Seem Masculine

This texture resembles the abrasive nature of a masculine gender.

Glass bottle of juice seems better than plastic bottle

Glass Seems Better Than Plastic

Customers prefer products in glass (vs. plastic) packaging.


Person reaching past popular soda to grab less popular soda with cool packaging

Unknown Brands Should Invest in Packaging

Customers will select a new (and more expensive brand) if the packaging is beautiful.

Bag of chips with many chips displayed on the front

Show More Product Units on the Package

More units on the outside? More units on the inside.

Package of cake with realistic cake image on top

Display Realistic Images for Emotional Products

Realistic images are more enticing.

Chocolate bar with image of chocolate in bottom-right

Place Heavy Products in the Bottom or Right

Products seem heavier in these locations.

White package seems healthy

Choose Light and Natural Colors for Healthy Products

Dark colors seem heavy, while light colors seem...light, as if they're easier to lift.