Immerse Viewers into 1st Person Perspectives

You’re more likely to buy something if you can imagine using a product.

Nick Kolenda
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First person shot of someone writing

First-person viewpoints encourage people to imagine using a product.

Picture of person holding tablet which is 3rd person vs picture of the tablet being held, as if the viewer is holding it which is 1st person

For example, Peloton shows multiple POV shots in their commercials:

Commercial that shows the visual perspective of somebody riding a fitness bike, as if the viewer is this person

These viewpoints ease the simulation of using and buying a Peloton. If people can imagine this behavior, they conclude that they want to buy one: Hmm, do I want to buy a Peloton? I can imagine myself using it. So yes, I want to buy one.

See my book Imagine Reading This Book.

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