Insert a Blockade Toward the Right of Ads

Eye gaze travels from left to right. Insert an element that blocks viewers' gaze from drifting away from the ad.

Nick Kolenda
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Ad with dentist on the right who is facing left

If you need to place images toward the right, then depict a blockade. For example, which ad performed better?

Two ads with dentists. One is on the left facing right, while the other is on the right facing left

Answer: Ad B (Park, Spence, Ishii, & Togawa, 2018).

The researchers argued that people look more trustworthy if they face left, but I see a more plausible explanation.

If you read from left to right, you evaluate ads from left to right. In Ad B, this person blocks your eyes from leaving. Your eyes enter from the left, move rightward until hitting that person, and then move downward toward the product.

In Ad A, your eyes start at this person and then move rightward (away from the product).

We need research to verify my claim, but I suspect that advertisements hold more attention if they block your eyes from moving rightward.

  • Park, J., Spence, C., Ishii, H., & Togawa, T. (2018). Does Face Orientation Affect the Perception of a Model and the Evaluation of Advertised Product?. ACR European Advances.