Rhyme Your Slogan or Call-to-Action

Rhymes feel more accurate and truthful.

Nick Kolenda
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A simple rhyme dictated the O.J. Simpson trial: If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit.

Consider these ad frames:

  • What sobriety conceals, alcohol unmasks.
  • What sobriety conceals, alcohol reveals.

Both statements convey the same information, but the rhyming statement seemed more accurate and truthful (McGlone & Tofighbakhsh, 2000). Students felt a pleasant sensation from the rhyme, and they misattributed this sensation to the information.

So find a rhyme:

  • Be a dove, show some love.
  • Whaddya say, donate today.
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  • McGlone, M. S., & Tofighbakhsh, J. (2000). Birds of a feather flock conjointly (?): Rhyme as reason in aphorisms. Psychological science, 11(5), 424-428.