Insert Emojis to Supplement Existing Messages

Emojis are less persuasive when they replace the verbal message.

"It's funny 😂" is more persuasive than "It's 😂" without the verbal context


Emojis are ambiguous.

  • Is 😋 delicious or silly?
  • Is 😂 laughing with you or at you?
  • Is 🙏 praying or a high five?

Researchers confirmed that emojis need context (Maiberger, Schindler, & Koschate‑Fischer, 2023).

Across multiple studies, supplemental emojis garnered more likes, retweets, clicks, and purchases:

  • Supplemental: Arrested Development is so funny 😂
  • Standalone: Arrested Development is 😂

Next time you insert an emoji, don't replace the verbal context.

Keep this in mind 🧠

  • Maiberger, T., Schindler, D. & Koschate-Fischer, N. Let’s face it: When and how facial emojis increase the persuasiveness of electronic word of mouth. J. of the Acad. Mark. Sci. (2023).