Make Sale Prices Look Different From Original Prices

Your brain misattributes the visual difference to a numerical difference.

Nick Kolenda
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$50 original price with $25 sale price that has different font and color

Add visual distinctions to sales prices (e.g., color, size, font; Coulter and Coulter, 2005).

Why? Think of infomercials.

Viewers typically see the current problem in black-and-white, yet the new solution in vibrant color.

I call it contrast fluency. Your brain misattributes these visual distinctions to abstract distinctions: Hmm, something seems different. This product must make a big difference.

Likewise, with numbers: Hmm, this sale price feels different. It must be numerically different.

  • Coulter, K. S., & Coulter, R. A. (2005). Size does matter: The effects of magnitude representation congruency on price perceptions and purchase likelihood. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 15(1), 64-76.