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The Psychology of
Luxury Branding

Why customers splurge on expensive products


Man looking at his luxury watch with a group of impressed women looking at him

Luxury Brands Must Signal Higher Status

Owning a luxury watch can shape how people perceive you, boosting your self-esteem.

Brand Personality

A giant hand pushing away a large collage of people further away from an expensive watch

Isolate Luxury Brands From Everyday Folks

Mainstream customers weaken the exclusivity of a luxury brand.

A billboard ad for a luxury watch

Depict Luxury Products in Far and High Places

Luxury products are more desirable when they are located further away from people.

A luxury model with a scowling and arrogant face

Luxury Brands Should Act Cold and Distant

Brands are less luxurious if they're friendly and approachable.

A slobbish man trying to touch a luxury handbag, but can't touch it because of a glass enclosure

Enclose Luxury Products in Glass

Products seem inferior when other people have touched them.

A website that says "our master gem-setters perfected their technique"

Describe the Expert Craftsmanship of Luxury Products

Customers buy luxury brands to signal their status, but they also expect high quality products.

Brand Identity

A luxury handbag isolated on a pedestal

Luxury Brands Should Embrace Minimalism

Show empty space on product shelves and branding assets.

An image of a watch seems more luxurious in black-and-white

Reduce the Color Saturation of Luxury Brands

If you want something to seem luxurious, use grayscale colors.

A thin, spacious, and uppercase font

Luxury Fonts Are Thin, Spacious, and Uppercase

Just like the stereotype of the upper class, luxury fonts are tall, thin, and beautiful.

Balm feels less luxurious than Balma which feels less luxurious than Balama

Choose Longer Names for Luxury Brands

Longer names are less common, so they feel more exclusive.

Chef cooking with flour pouring in slow motion

Depict Luxury Brands in Slow Motion

Slow movements heighten the perceived importance of luxury products.


Woman staring at someone with an ugly, yet noticeable handbag

Luxury Products Can Be Ugly, As Long As They Grab Attention

People buy luxury products to signal their status. They don't need to be beautiful. Just distinctive.

Two handbags. One with a large logo, the other has a small logo

Segment Luxury Products With Small and Large Brand Signals

Certain people want small and large logos.